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People who demonstrate empathy towards others tend to have other positive skills in the field of emotional intelligence: they know how to
"Baby-Boomers" (born between 1946 and 1964), "Generation X" (born between 1965 and 1980), "Generation Y" (born between 1981 and 2000), "Generation Z"
Whatever the topic, especially when it comes to talking about your mistakes, weaknesses, or underperformance, showing a positive attitude is an opportunity
For many people, summer corresponds to a break where nothing happens. This is a misconception. Do not believe that recruiters and candidates
Your title on LinkedIn is essential in your description to encourage the recruiter to click. By default, it lists your name and
In a competitive job market, companies have realized that the image they project can impact their recruitment efforts. Institutional arguments such as
When searching for a job, the goal is to stand out and present an optimized application. In a large majority of sectors,
An Applicant Tracking System or ATS is a software that manages and organizes online recruitment data, improving the candidate selection process and
This is a recurring question in the world of recruitment. A CV serves primarily to provide an overview of your professional background
When searching for a job, the cover letter is an essential part of the application. It provides an opportunity to supplement the
Let it be known that the resume still has a bright future ahead of it. It reinvents itself, expands, and becomes less standardized,
According to labor law, the employer must grant the employee leave for up to 3 days to take care of a sick
1. Notification du congé pendant les vacances The leave can be notified at any time by the employer or the worker,
If a training is required by the company, the law, or necessary for the work, it must be paid for by the
At the canton of Vaud level, two laws regulate smoking in the workplace: the federal law on passive smoking and its ordinance,
Advances in science and computer science have accelerated the evolution of the IT sector through innovation and the resulting clusters. With the
According to the Swiss Code of Obligations, every employee is entitled to a minimum of 4 weeks' holiday (5 weeks if the
Between the signing of the contract and the actual start of the employment relationship, the employer or the employee may have to
Despite often rich careers, the category of senior citizens finds it difficult to evolve professionally, to retrain, or simply to re-enter the
In view of the extent of social networks and their easy accessibility, employers are strongly advised to regulate their use by their
A distinction must be made between different ways of specifically setting working time: Part-time work: commitment for a fixed or indefinite period
The use of the Internet at work The emergence and widespread use of NICTs in the workplace brings into competition two fundamental
With an overall unemployment rate of around 2.8%, the Swiss job market remains one of the most attractive and dynamic in the
Turn off your screen and give your eyes a few minutes to relax. 1. Move your
1 - Improving the flexibility of working hours Did you know that the structure of your working hours has a huge influence on
1 - Improving the flexibility of working hours Did you know that the structure of your working hours has a huge influence on
Have you received one or more job offers and are still hesitating to sign the employment contract? Here are some ideas
1. An out-of-date CV 2. A CV with errors in the dates 3. Spelling or
Don't be caught off guard at your job interview and prepare yourself by looking at the questions that await you. The recruiter
The summer holiday period is approaching. For jobseekers, this is always a tricky time of year: should you continue to apply for
A memory aid for the recruiter Disclosing your appearance helps to anchor you in the memory of the recruiter who reads hundreds of
In the field of information technology, we are approaching full employment and qualified profiles have been scarce for many years. As a result,
For many years now, the situation has been the same: the pool of IT specialists in Switzerland is limited, or even in

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